Vertebrate Animals

Vertebrate Animals

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Vertebral column: characteristic of vertebrates

What they are - biological definition

Vertebrate animals are living beings that have the most advanced organism on our planet. They have as main feature: spinal cord and spine (formed by vertebrae).

Main general characteristics of vertebrate animals

Other important features are the fact that they have muscles and skeleton, which allows them to perform more complex movements. Their ability to move and their intelligence make vertebrates have an advantage over other species.

Many animals such as amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, including humans, are part of this group.

Nervous system

Most vertebrates have a well-developed nervous system. Your central nervous system is made up of the brain and spinal cord. In the lower vertebrates the brain predominantly controls the functions of sensory organs. In the case of the upper vertebrates, the larger brain allows for a more intense exchange of information between different parts of the body.

Limitations on invertebrates

As we have seen, vertebrates are living things that have many advantages over invertebrates, however it is important to know that they also have many limitations.

If we make a comparison, we will see that the number of vertebrate animals (approximately 50,000 species) is lower than the invertebrate group. One of the reasons is the difference in size between these two species, the vertebrates are usually larger and therefore take up more space.

Examples of vertebrate animals:

- Man and the other species of mammals (ox, dog, giraffe, monkey, anteater, lion, jaguar, ocelot, whale, otter, hippo, tiger, cat, bear, otter, etc.)

- Reptiles (turtles, snakes, snakes, alligators and iguanas).

- Birds (hawk, vulture, stork, duck, goose, mallard, parrot, chicken, turkey).

- Fish (peacock bass, lambari, catfish, pirarucu, sardines, dogfish, beta fish, shark).

- Amphibians (frog, salamander, frog, newt).

Scientific Classification of Vertebrate Animals:

Domain: Eukaryota

Kingdom: Animalia

Superfile: Deuterostomy

Philo: Chordata

Subphylum: Vertebrata