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Plant Reproduction

Plant Reproduction: Pollination is a Major Process


Every organism needs to reproduce, otherwise many species of organisms would disappear and life on Earth would be seriously compromised.

Reproductive process

On our planet there is a great variety of living organisms, these different species of life are dependent on each other not only to ensure their continuity, but also the balance of the ecosystem.

Before we talk about plant reproduction, it is important to remember how cell reproduction occurs, in which case we will quickly remember meiosis.

Assuming that the word reproduction means the formation of new individuals from a single individual (asexual reproduction) or the formation of new individuals of the same species through the fusion of two gametes (sexual reproduction), let us remember what happens to cells.

Asexual Reproduction

In asexual reproduction a single cell divides to form two identical cells (daughter cells). In sexual reproduction, two cells will come together and each will supply half of its DNA to form a new cell.

In the case of more developed plants, sexual reproduction will occur more often. These types of plants have their own system of sexual reproduction, some of which are quite complex.


For example, plants that produce flowers are dependent on insects and some types of animals for their reproduction, because with the help of these beings, pollens are transported from one flower to another, thus ensuring their reproduction through pollination.