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Animal Filters

Animal Filters

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Krill: Example of Animal Filter

What they are - biological definition

Filterers are those aquatic animals that have the ability to remove food from water through the filtering process.

As water is full of organic substances and small animals that serve as food for these filters. These animals have in their bodies a specialized filtering structure, capable of removing food from the water. This structure works as if they were thin sieves.

There are also protozoan species that obtain food through this filtering process.

Examples of filter species

- Krill (shrimp-like invertebrates)

- Fin Whales

- Clam (clam species)

- Sponges

- Flamingo

- Brachiopoda (marine animals)

- Mysidacea (shrimp-like crustacean)

- Seafood

- Echiuras (marine invertebrates)