Bird Orders

Bird Orders

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Birds: Sorting into Multiple Orders

Bird Orders:

- Order Accipitriformes

- Order Anseriformes

- Order Apodiformes

- Order Apterygiformes

- Order Bucerotiforms

- Order Caprimulgiformes

- Order Cariamiformes

- Order Casuariiformes

- Order Charadriiformes

- Order Ciconiiformes

- Order Coliiformes

- Order Columbiformes

- Order Coraciiformes

- Order Cuculiformes

- Order Eurypygiformes

- Order Falconiformes

- Order Galliformes

- Order Gaviiformes

- Order Gruiformes

- Order Leptosomiformes

- Order Mesitornithiformes

- Order Musophagiformes

- Order Opisthocomiformes

- Order Otidiformes

- Order Passerines

- Order Pelecaniformes

- Order Phaethontiformes

- Order Phoenicopteriformes

- Order Piciformes

- Order Podicipediformes

- Order Procellariiformes

- Order Psittaciformes

- Order Pteroclidiformes

- Order Rheiformes

- Order Sphenisciformes

- Order Strigiformes

- Order Struthioniformes

- Order Suliformes

- Order Tinamiformes

- Order Trogoniformes

Did you know?

- The Blue Macaw, an endangered bird, is part of the order Psittaciformes.

- The toucan, typical bird of the rainforests of South and Central America, is part of the order Piciformes.

- The king vulture, a bird found in almost all Brazilian territory, is part of the order Accipitriformes.

- The peacock, bird that has beautiful tail, is part of the order Galliformes.